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Botley the Coding Robot Costume Party Kit


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It’s a coding costume party, and you’re invited! Whether you’re coding during homeschooling sessions or in learning the classroom, you can dress Botley the Coding Robot up for imaginative coding adventures with the fun accessories found within the Botley the Coding Robot Costume Party Kit from Learning Resources. Inspired by popular photo booth accessories, this set of 12 costume pieces is ready to give Botley the disguise of a lifetime—you can dress your coding robot up in glasses, hats, and even a mustache! The Botley the Coding Robot Costume Party Kit works with both Botley and Botley 2.0, so you’ll always be able to dress up your screen-free coding adventures. In addition to adding imaginative whimsy to coding challenges, the Botley the Coding Robot Costume Party Kit is also perfect for keeping track of multiple Botleys at once—whether they’re running a coding race, coding their way through a STEM obstacle course, or playing a fun game of Botley Says, you’ll have an easy way to tell your little coding robots apart! When the coding fun is done, pieces store in the including costume chest for easy clean-up.

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